December 15th, 2006

What’s interesting is that at 2 years old, everything is “Bella’s.” So, for example, Bella’s clearly ascertained, always referring to herself in the third person, that there is such a thing as “Bella’s bath.” Or “Bella’s soda.” Or “Bella’s pool.” And so forth. In other words, everything is “Bella’s.” There’s a certain amount of ownership in that. But, actually, there’s also a certain amount of shtick. It’s all about marketing, and after all, isn’t it? It’s as if there is a very special proprietary business called “Bella’s …..”

The experience and the seasoning that we look to our seniors for come from the seasoning and experience of individuals who have transported themselves through human history several times over in only one lifetime.

You may call that wisdom, and, it probably is.

Original writing date: MAY 24, 2005

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